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Benevento - F1 hybrid tomato seeds - 25 pack

Benevento - F1 hybrid tomato seeds - 25 pack

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Benevento is our flagship tomato and the culmination of two decades of effort by our master breeder, Fred Hempel. It is highly versatile, shelf stable, and offers a delicious deep flavor. The variety is the original red beefsteak from our Heirloom Plus range, with yellow stripes.  It combines heirloom qualities with commercial slicer fruit characteristics. Benevento is perfect for sandwiches as well as salads and also makes excellent sauces and paste.  The fruit is excellent when sun-dried as well.

Indeterminate, vigorous vines produce approximately 75 days after transplant. Growers will appreciate that Benevento fruits have extended shelf-life on and off the plant, and blossom ends that are uniformly rounded. Benevento produces almost no mis-shapen fruits, and produces well through a long growing season. Vigorous vines should be trellised or staked up in most situations.

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